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Built to LAST Truck Beds and Bodies

Bed Kits or Fabricated Beds / FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic)​

LAST Trucks

All truck owners want their trucks to work hard and play harder. OEM bodies look great but are tough to work out of. They only offer loading and unloading from the tailgate area. The payload area is limited by the wheel wells. Worst of all these metal beds rust and are easily dented.

Our solution to these short comings is a structural fiberglass bed. This bed system allows loading and unloading from both sides and the rear. There are no wheel wells so you have a larger payload area. The flat bed body is framed with strong FRP square tubing. We offer a perimeter frame made from I-beam or rectangular tubing. The bed is ½” ballistic plate that will never rust nor will it dent! This decking is UL rated to stop a .44 Magnum Bullet and is used by the military as ballistic plate on vehicles in the mid-east for road side bomb protection. This is one tough truck bed with many options to customize it for your needs. Current FRP accessories are tool boxes, Side Rail Systems, Ladder Racks, Tie Down rails, Tail gates, Bumpers and more.

One major benefit of FRP is that our bed weighs less than 450 lbs. Most 8’6” steel beds weight in at 1250 to 1450 lbs. An aluminum bed will weight in around 800 lbs. The weight reduction of our bed allows for more payload and better gas mileage.

The LAST truck body can be utilized on a 1500 series truck and can haul more payload than a similar truck with an OEM body. More toys, more lumber, more furniture, more everything! If you put a steel flat bed on a 1500 series truck, you have over loaded the vehicle and dropped the effective load carrying limit as well as negatively effecting braking and acceleration. This is why you seldom see a flat bed on any thing less than a 2500 series truck.

We have built a custom LAST body for this RAM 2500. If we compare the payload capacity for a RAM 3500 with a steel flat bed weighting in at 1300 lbs., the RAM 2500 with a LAST bed offers the same payload limits. WOW! That is a big cost reduction!

LAST truck beds are manufactured in Murrells Inlet, SC from FRP that is US made. We offer custom and standard sizes to fit your needs. When you purchase a Premium Custom Bed Kit or select a completed bed, you can be assured that it will turn your truck into the work horse that you need and will LAST for years to come.

These kits are easily assembled with standard carpentry tools and clamps. A reasonably skilled DIY’er can build a LAST bed in less than a day. You will need to allow additional time for sanding, painting and installation. But this is not a huge project but rather a short manageable one with great benefits. The kit beds will save you about $1000 in assembly labor along with big savings on shipping. It pays to be a DIY truck person!

Our Bed kits come with:

  • Pre-cut frame members
  • Pre-cut Perimeter frame (I-beam or Rectangular Tube)
  • Pre-cut Decking
  • Bonding Epoxy & Fller
  • Lights
  • Instructions

The LAST fabricated beds are offered in the following standard sizes:

widths: 76” / 96”

lengths: 80” / 102” / 120”

We also offer custom sizes.

What we do not offer is 5th wheel, goose neck or bumper hitches. Your truck or OEM supplier has done a great job in designing and testing these heavy duty hitches thus we stay out of the hitch business. Yes we can offer cut outs or access panels for these hitches but hitches must be frame mounted.

The finishing or painting on FRP is easier than the prep work for metal. Your LAST bed can be color matched to your cab or any color of your choice. FRP is a very thermally stable and it does not expand and contract like metals, thus paint will bond to the FRP for longer paint life. Another great finish solution we utilize are urethane bed liners. These coatings can be sprayed, rolled or brushed on for a very durable finish that looks great for years and can be easily repaired or re-coated.

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