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Sewee Shell Ring Trail Wooden Boardwalk Replaced With a Fiberglass Structure

The six-foot-wide 366 feet long wooden boardwalk was replaced with a fiberglass structure which includes expanded viewing platforms to accommodate larger groups. Forest Engineers settled on the fiberglass construction due to its increased expected lifespan and improved load capabilities in comparison to treated wood. Specifically, the fiberglass used for the trail boardwalk has a lifespan of 75 years in comparison to the 13 years of treated lumber and is eight to ten times stronger.

SeweeShellRingTrail Boardwalk-May2022-02 from USDA Forest Service on Vimeo.

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AFS's mission is to not only eliminate corrosion issues in commercial buildings, but also in truck bodies, docks, stairs, and doors. Our products have little to no maintenance and can last fifty plus years. Since there is little to no maintenance for fiberglass, it is considered a green product and it is LEED approved. Fiberglass is a far better solution than wood or steel as it will not rot or rust.

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